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28th March 2017
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4th July 2017
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Michele Benignetti and Eleonora Spina

Many hands make light work, but where Italian pianists Eleonora Spina and Michele Benignetti are concerned, their four hands also make compellingly beautiful music.


This talented young Italian duo, touring South Africa in July, are offering the sparkling programme ‘Fantasy and Imagination’ of works by Mozart, Schubert, Rachmaninov and Samuel Barber. Audiences in the Western and Eastern Cape and in Gauteng can enjoy the unusual experience of a ‘four hands’ concert. Potchefstroom, in the Northwest Province, will have the opportunity, though, to be treated to a performance on two pianos with which the Italian Duo will conclude their debut tour.


Since forming their partnership in 2013 Spina and Benignetti have garnered many international prizes both as a duo and as soloists. As early as June 2014 they obtained a unanimous and prestigious Diplôme Supérieur d’Exécution at the Paris Ecole Norma­le de Musique.


Both are graduates of important European music institutions in Paris, Rotterdam, Graz, Bo­logna, and Novara, where several renowned professors influenced the interpretation of their repertoire. Michele and Eleonora are currently studying at the Hochschule fur Musik in Graz (Austria) under Professors Gil Garburg and Sivan Silver. In their own right, they both teach at the Saint Quentin and Soissons Conservatories, as well as at the Summer In­ternational Academy of Colombes in Paris.


Their recording of Brahms’s com­plete works for two pianos (Brilliant Classics Records, 2015) has been praised highly by audiences, critics and popular classical mu­sic magazines in Italy and France. Their latest album, Lifetime (the Sheva Collection) was released in January 2017.


South African audiences will be able to enjoy one of Mozart’s last colourful works, Fantasia K 608 in F minor; Rachmaninov’s Six Pieces op. 11, full of emotive power and variations; Schubert’s Fantasia D 940 in F minor in four connected movements and Barber’s Suite op. 28, evoking cherished memories of New York.


Their recent YouTube recording at Izumi Hall, Osaka, Japan in May 2017 may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnvlriW4-mg&feature=youtu.be

Contact promoter Hannie Hefer for detailed information.