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9th October 2017
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2nd January 2018
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A video of Italian classical guitarist Cinzia Milani playing ‘Danse Rythmique’ by the late, renowned French guitarist Ida Presti, recently was chosen as featured video and reviewed by Blair Jackson in the prestigious Classical Guitar Magazine.

It is widely agreed that French guitarist Ida Presti (1924–1967) was one of the greatest players of the 20th century. Besides being a tremendous guitarist, Presti was also a fine composer, as this piece, published in 1959 and played here by the excellent Italian guitarist Cinzia Milani, shows. – Blair Jackson

Milani, like Presti, was a child prodigy and won many competitions through the years. Her latest album, “A tribute to Ida Presti”, released on the Brillliant Classics label, is now available. ‘Danse Rythmique’ is the opening track on the album.

Cinzia played on guitars by Gabriele Lodi and Gioachino Giussani during the recording of the CD.

Read more about Cinzia Milani on this website in the Performers section, as well as her own.